Lab Members


Anna A. Penn, MD, PhD

Dr. Penn is a neonatologist and neuroscientist who does translational work aimed at understanding and ameliorating preterm brain injury. She has over 10 years experience in this research field.


Janine K. Burgess, MPA

Ms. Burgess is a Project Administrator in the Penn lab who started in June 2018.  She is responsible for the oversight of operations, project management, financial and budget management.  She has over 7 years of extensive research administration experience with managing NIH, DOD, NSF, American Cancer Society, and PCORI grants from concept to closeout.

Claire-Marie Vacher, PhD

Dr. Vacher is a French developmental neurobiologist whose research interest has focused on the influence of pre- and postnatal factors on brain development. She has been developing a new project which addresses the role of placental hormones on cerebellar development in a novel autistic-like mouse model.

Dana Bakalar, PhD

Jiaqi Julia O’Reilly, PhD (c)

Jacquelyn Salzbank, BS, M.Ed

Helene Lacaille, PhD

Panagiotis Kratimenos, MD